Membrane Nitrogen Generators are the preferred choice in industries now where reliable On-Site Nitrogen generation is required. We are a leading supplier of complete Nitrogen production systems in the world today and offer very competitive systems. Our Nitrogen systems incorporate Membrane Modules carefully designed to assure many years of reliable, trouble free service with Nitrogen flows of up to thousands of cubic meters per hour.

Looking for PSA Nitrogen Generators?

We supply both Membrane and PSA Nitrogen Generators and ask you to review the detailed Membrane Nitrogen benefits below. However, should you wish to read up more about PSA Nitrogen Generators, you can visit our microsite for PSA also.

Why Membrane?

Among many benefits of Membrane Nitrogen Generators, following are the most common reasons why customers are choosing Membrane Nitrogen generators today:

Long Life

Membrane Nitrogen Generators offer more than 15-years of trouble-free operation. In fact, many Membrane Nitrogen Generators are in operation for more than 15-years and are only now being considered for overhauls.

No moving parts

Nitrogen Generation through membrane separation is simply a process of passing pressurized, compressed clean air through a hollow fibre membrane which separates Nitrogen from other gases such as Oxygen, CO2 etc. Hence, there are no moving parts. No moving parts means, no maintenance!


Membrane Nitrogen generators are very reliable and robust. Nitrogen is produced simply by using compressed air and hence, there is no chance of a breakdown.


With a Membrane Nitrogen generator, you are producing gas as you are consuming it. There are no high-pressure cylinders and no cylinder handling and hence on-site Membrane Nitrogen plants are very safe to operate.

Turnkey Supply

We offer these systems as a complete Turnkey supply. So if you are unable to provide compressed air, we completely design the system including air compressor, air dryer, air filters and membranes. If you require very high pressure Nitrogen for your process or for cylinder filling, we also supply Nitrogen booster compressors.

Fully automated

Our Membrane Nitrogen Generator systems are designed for simple and automated operation. PLC controls and HMI are standard product offerings. Product purity is automatically monitored and controlled for ease of operation.

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